Sports Grass provide a full artificial turf installation service. From groundwork at the outset of your project to laying and seaming at the conclusion, you know that Sports Grass will provide a quality artificial turf installation.

Tennis Court Design and Inspection

Sports Grass are involved with all stages of your court construction. A complete solution is provided with your tennis court design at the outset right through to inspection of the completed installation. A pre-inspection is also executed before any project starts. Details are recorded about the climate, project dimensions, surface drainage and soil type. This survey is for use with the technical design and to anticipate any potential issues later in the project. Good preparation allows for effective management during project construction, installation and maintenance. Sports Grass can therefore give you well informed advice and ensure you have the correct product to meet all your sporting requirements.

Artificial Turf Installation

Prior to installation or your artificial turf, the sports field must be levelled ready for the implementation of an efficient drainage system. A fast vertical and horizontal release of surface water will be attained to make a truly all weather pitch. After the ground work and drainage system is complete, the artificial turf is laid in four metre wide rolls. Each adjacent strip of turf is glued together using techniques that ensure a seamless join. White or coloured turf is then cut and laid to mark out the sports field playing lines. Artificial turf is produced using high quality monofilament fibres to provide the best playing surface for recreational and professional tennis.

The artificial grass is infilled using recycled rubber granules or a thermoplastic elastomer. The tennis court is thoroughly brushed to complete the installation.

A New Tennis Court

The end result is a professional quality sports field that requires little maintenance. Your tennis court needs to be ready for play regardless of climate and weather conditions. Enjoy playing tennis all year round with Sports Grass.

Court Maintenance

Artificial turf systems require some basic maintenance such as cleaning, sanitation and quality testing to keep the court in top condition. Sports grass offer a tennis court maintenance service to meet all your needs. Call us today for more information.

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